Maven sites for failed builds

I’m using Bamboo and Maven to build our code, and Cobertura as the unit test coverage checking tool. I’ve setup the builds to fail if there are less than, say, 70% unit test coverage. However, I still want the maven site to be created so that I can go around waving it in people’s faces. The trouble is, if there’s less than 70% coverage, the build fails and therefore no cobertura report is created in the maven site! Gah!

The good thing about the maven sites is that they’re easy for whole project teams to understand, not just devs and other technical people. If a build failed because there’s less than 70% unit test coverage I currently have to look in the bamboo build log to see exactly why it failed (I know I also get the emails but there are way too many of them for it to be manageable).

In short – is there a way of producing the cobertura code coverage reports even if the build fails?



  1. grump · November 11, 2010

    God did it.

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