About My Blog

Hi, I’m James, and this is my blog about devops “things” (for “things” see: “stuff”). I thought I’d put all of this “stuff” down in a blog because you just never know, one day, someone, somewhere might find it useful.

I work in London as a Change and Release Manager, and most of the “stuff” I blog about are “things” I’m wrestling with at work, or something that’s caught my eye in the devops world. Occasionally I might have a good idea as well. I’m still waiting for that to happen though.






  1. Anonymous · September 20, 2011

    Like the blog! Hope its going well at Caplin – Steve

  2. Anonymous · November 11, 2011

    There are not much interesting blogs on develops..
    But your is different
    Keep it up..
    — Abhi

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